October 26, 2021

“Get Off Your AAS!” Fitness Challenge

The competition was intense during the “Get Off Your AAS!” Fitness Challenge!  From sunny Southern California to blizzard conditions on the East Coast, 207 extremely driven participants logged their miles on Pelotons, stationary bikes, road bikes, treadmills and the running trail. The end was almost too close to call with three teams crossing the finish line at midnight on February 2nd neck and neck.  Here are the teams and the total number of miles that they logged.

BadAAShustlers – 2,212.73 miles
#007RideAnotherDay – 2,210.48 miles
TeamSmartAAS – 2,205.47 miles
BustYourAAS – 1,613.67
Perspire2Inspire – 1,458.87 miles
Reviewer3 – 1,455.07 miles
MayThe4sBeWithYou – 1,227.00 miles
11Blades – 1,192.70 miles
Team12CantStopWontStop – 1,128.59 miles
NiceGuysFinishLAAST –  1,090.60 miles
YouShallNotPAAS – 942.80 miles
DontmAASWithUs – 921.73 miles

The top 10 institutions were:
Massachusetts General Hospital (29 participants / 2,799.50 miles)
University of Michigan (24 participants / 2,231.25 miles)
Thomas Jefferson University (29 participants / 1,950.12 miles)
University of Pittsburgh (16 participants / 1,722.20 miles)
McGovern Medical School at UTHealth (20 participants / 1,165.31 miles)
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (10 participants / 996.54 miles)
University of Arizona Tucson Surgery (5 participants / 880.76 miles)
University of Alabama at Birmingham (5 participants / 650.04 miles)
Vanderbilt University Medical Center (5 participants / 568.20 miles)
OSU Trauma, Critical Care and Burn (5 participants / 550.59 miles)

And here are the top 20 individual competitors:
Sriganesh Sharma, University of Michigan (529.35 miles)
Peter Altshuler, Thomas Jefferson University (329.56 miles)
Mitchell Dyer, University of Pittsburgh (304.20 miles)
Steven Woodward, Thomas Jefferson University (271 miles)
Dan Chu, University of Alabama at Birmingham (264.13 miles)
Kristen Jogerst, Massachusetts General Hospital (248.99 miles)
Maggie Connolly, Massachusetts General Hospital (237.10 miles)
Terry Mulvey, Massachusetts General Hospital (235 miles)
Andrew Sayce, University of Pittsburgh (228.10 miles)
Shannon Castle, Valley Children’s Hospital/UCSF Fresno (227.70 miles)
Colleen Kiernan, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (225 miles)
Amir Ghaferi, University of Michigan (218.31 miles)
Alexander Hawkins, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (211.80 miles)
Tim Harris, University of Arizona Tucson Surgery (209.39 miles)
Dillon Gasper, University of Arizona Tucson Surgery (204.72 miles)
Doug Swords, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (203.79 miles)
Rob Russell, University of Alabama at Birmingham (201 miles)
Amber Collier, University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital (196.47 miles)
Ashley Walther, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles/Keck USC (180.73 miles)
Davis Waller, Massachusetts General Hospital (179 miles)

Best of all, the Fitness Challenge was a successful fundraiser –  $21,251 was raised to help champion surgeons at the outset of their careers, providing opportunity and encouragement in the form of awards and fellowships.

The top fundraising institution was Thomas Jefferson University.  They will receive three complimentary registrations to the 2022 Academic Surgical Congress.

Click here for a list of all the participants by team.

Team Listings

Thank you to all who participated or sponsored a participant!