September 26, 2022

Welcome to the 2nd Annual ‘Get Off Your AAS!’ Fitness Challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated and sponsored to make this 2nd annual fitness challenge a success!


The competition was intense during the “Get Off Your AAS!” Fitness Challenge! From sunny Southern California to freezing and snowy conditions on the East Coast, 196 extremely driven participants logged their miles on Pelotons, stationary bikes, road bikes, treadmills and the running trail. The end was almost too close to call with two teams crossing the finish line at midnight on the 23rd neck and neck.

Here are the teams and the total number of miles that they logged:

Texas Badgerines 1886.71 miles

2 Competitive 2 Quit 1825.66 miles

BeAASts of the NortheAASt 1493.6 miles

AAS Quad Squad 1285.78 miles

Team 09 1180.35 miles

On A Lactic Acid Trip 1170.86 miles

TexAAS Swagger 993.93 miles

Team 08 967.28 miles

Team 06 945.45 miles

The top 10 institutions were:

Mass General Hospital (21 participants / 1702.05 miles)

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (20 participants / 1558.47 miles)

UT Southwestern (10 participants / 1441.81 miles)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (12 participants / 1163.14 miles)

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (5 participants / 1069.29 miles)

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (17 participants / 1041.31 miles)

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (18 participants / 928.01 miles)

McGovern Medical School (16 participants / 915.74 miles)

Oklahoma Children’s Hospital (9 participants / 681.04 miles)

University of Nebraska Medical Center (10 participants / 915.74 miles)

Oklahoma Children’s Hospital (9 participants / 681.04 miles)

University of Nebraska Medical Center (10 participants / 619.64 miles)

And the top 10 individual competitors:

Jalen Harvey, UT Southwestern, 351 miles

Brian Ayers, Mass General Hospital, 322.45 miles

Christophe Wilhelm, Texas Tech University, 274.69 miles

Reagan Collins, Texas Tech University 257.17 miles

Alexander Hawkins, Vanderbilt University, 243.6 miles

Kareem Abdelfattah, UT Southwestern 242.09 miles

Daniel Chu, University of Alabama, 238.31 miles

Steve Woodward, Thomas Jefferson University, 234 miles

Bridget Boeger, Texas Tech University, 229.98 miles

Colleen Kiernan, Vanderbilt University, 218.3 miles

The top fundraising institution was Mass General Hospital.

The top fundraising individual was Callisia Clarke. 

Click HERE for a list of all the participants by team.

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