May 19, 2024

Research Fellowship Award

The purpose of the AASF Research Fellowship Award is to provide support which will enable residents and fellows to spend two years in full-time, basic or clinical research under the mentorship of an AAS member. The award is given to the surgical resident or fellow whose research proposal is judged to be the most outstanding by the AAS Executive Council.

The first Research Fellowship Awards were giving by the AAS in 1988.  In 2008, the AAS Foundation committed to supporting future Research Fellowship Awards and gave its initial award at the Academic Surgical Congress in 2009. Currently the AAS and the AAS Foundation give two separate awards for $20,000, each for one year.  One award is for basic science and translational research, the other for clinical outcomes, health services, and education research.

“Amongst all human societies, the history of medicine and the art of patient care have been passed down from healers/scientists/doctors to apprentices/disciples/students over and over again. The primary drive for nearly all advancements in medicine has been the curiosity and interest of individuals who seek to answer fundamental questions and to improve upon the current standards of care.“  Dr. Daniel A. Popowich, Northwesten University, 2006 AASF Research Fellowship Award Recipient