January 16, 2018

What We Fund

The Association for Academic Surgery Foundation (AASF) supports the advancement of surgical care by providing young surgeon scientists critical resources needed to conduct research, scholarships to attend educational events and awards in recognition of deserving work.  We invite you to support these vital initiatives through your gift to our AASF.

Student Awards

Student Travel Grant

As part of the AASF’s mission to increase diversity in our membership, we are pleased to offer the annual AAS Student Travel Grant. This award is presented to a medical student from an under-represented minority. This award will include a $500 stipend, hotel accommodations, and registration for the Academic Surgical Congress.

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AASF Student Travel Grant Recipients

Previous Award Winners:

2016 Jason Silvestre
2016 Lauren Theiss
2016 Livia Maria Mangogna
2015 Nallely Saldana-Ruiz
2015 Graham Walmsley
2015 Yanqiu Zheng
2014 Namita Akolkar
2014 Asishana Osho
2014 Ulysses Rosas
2013 Ayodele Adesanya, Ohio State University
2013 Alexis Chidi, UPMC Liver Canter Center
2013 Allison Martin, Harvard School of Public Health/Brigham & Women’s Hospital
2012 Dani O. Gonzalez, Howard University College of Medicine
2011 Andrew Ibrahim, Case Western Reserve & Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
2010 Ashanti L. Franklin, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
2009 Kerry-Ann C.A. Stewart, University of Rochester
2008 Juliet A. Emamaulle, University of Alberta, Canada
2007 Babafemi “Wande” Pratt, Harvard School of Public Health

Student Research Award

This award recognizes outstanding research efforts by medical students and encourages students’ interest in pursuing careers in academic surgery. Applicants must submit a summary of their research project along with a letter from their mentor describing the student’s contributions to the project. Awardees will receive an award certificate, free medical student membership in the AAS for one year, and recognition in the program of the Annual Meeting. The winners with the top six projects will be invited to attend the  Academic Surgical Congress, for which they will receive complimentary registration; the top two awardees will also receive a $500 travel stipend to defray the costs of attending the meeting.

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AASF Student Research Award Recipients

Congratulations Past AAS Student Research Award Recipients:

2016 Anna Huguenard, Emory University
2016 Blake Henchcliffe, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
2016 Jason Pradarelli, University of Michigan
2016 Mohini Dasari, University of Pittsburgh
2016 Richarg Guyer, Vanderbilt University
2016 S. Rae Rokosh, NYU School of Medicine
2015 James Tooley, Yale University
2015 Matthew Burstein, Baylor College of Medicine
2015 Frank Davis, University of Michigan
2015 Anna Garcia, Vanderbilt University
2015 Ben Biesterveld, Medical College of Wisconsin
2015 Tyler Merceron, Vanderbilt University
2014 Muath Bishawi, Stony Brook School University School of Medicine
2014 Tosan Ehanire, Duke University
2014 Christopher Graffeo, NYU School of Medicine
2014 Calista Harbaugh, University of Michigan Health System
2014 Scott Maddalo, NYU School of Medicine
2014 Kyle Sheetz, University of Michigan Health System
2013 David Harris, University of VA, Dept of CT Surgery
2013 Jay Lee, University of Michigan
2013 Arin Madenci, University of Michigan Medical School
2013 Rajshri Mainthia, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
2013 Nirmish Singla, University of Michigan
2013 Russell Witt, UC Davis
2012 John W. Evankovich, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
2012 Shaun P. Patel, University of Michigan
2012 Brandi B. Scully, Baylor College of Medicine
2012 Swaroop Bommareddi, National Cancer Institute, NIH
2012 Matthew R. Naunheim, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
2012 J. Trent Magruder, Johns Hopkins Department of Surgery

Research Fellowship Awards

This award provides an eligible resident or fellow the opportunity to spend two years in full-time basic or clinical research under the mentorship of an AAS member. The award is given to the surgical resident or fellow whose research proposal is judged to be the most outstanding by the AAS Executive Council. The award of $20,000 per year for two years may be used for salary support or for the direct-cost expenditures of the research. The award is to be expended solely for the purpose of the sponsored research.

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Previous AASF Global Surgery Research Fellowship Award Recipients

2016 S. Ariane Christie, UCSF
2015 Benjamin Martin, MD Emory University
2014 Shailvi Gupta, MD, University of California, San Francisco – East Bay
2013 Rebecca Maine, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School/UCSF

2016 Jarrod Predina, University of Pennsylvania
2016 Christopher Childers, UCLA
2015 James Butler, MD, Indiana University
2015 Christina Papageorge, University of Wisconsin
2014 Jashodeep Datta, MD, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
2014 Lane Frasier, MD, University of Wisconsin
2013 Leigh Anne Dageforde, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
2013 Adam G. Mace, MD, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute
2012 Raphael Sun, MD, University of Iowa
2011 Kevin Southerland MD, Duke University
2010 Gary W. Nace, MD, University of Pittsburgh
2009 Seth B. Krantz, MD, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
2008 Sung W. Cho, MD, University of Pittsburgh
2007 Scott N. Pinchot, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2006 Daniel A. Popowich, MD, Northwestern University
2005 David Greenblatt, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2004 Christopher Jones, MD, Vanderbilt University
2003 Flavio G. Rocha, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
2002 Scott Hollenbeck, MD, Cornell University
2001 Andrew W. Knott, MD, University of Cincinnati
2000 Kathleen van Leeuwen, MD, University of Michigan Hospital
1999 Shimul A. Shah, MD, University of Massachusetts
1998 Maggie C. Lee, MD, UCLA
1998 Daniel Kreisel, MD, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
1997 Heung Bae Kim, MD, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
1996 Maureen Chung, MD, Roger Williams Medical College
1996 Bradley S. Taylor, MD, University of Pittsburgh
1995 John F. Renz, MD, University of California, San Francisco
1994 Mary Emily Klingensmith, MD, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
1993 Bryan M. Clary, MD, Duke University
1992 Richard Battafarano, MD, University of Minnesota
1991 Claude Roland, MD, Washington University
1990 Sherry Wren, MD, University of Pittsburgh
1989 Harold Brem, MD, Harvard University
1988 Michael Grosso, MD, University of Colorado